TSUSHIMA, 1905 2nd ed.
Tsushima, 1905 2nd ed. uses the Battleship Captain game system to simulate pre-dreadnought naval battles between individually rated warships, especially focusing on early 20th century combat typified during the Russo-Japanese War. Warships from the national navies of Russia, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden are provided in facsimile counters rendered at 1/4200 scale.  Ship types include battleships, armored cruisers, protected cruisers, coast defense ships (approx. 320 ships), plus 24 generic destroyers and 30  generic torpedo boats, allowing you to play many historical and hypothetical scenarios.  Each turn (broken into four phases) equals 10 minutes; one movement point equals 3 knots; one inch equals 500 yards when measuring range.

If you have Battleship Captain 3d ed. or Tsushima 1st ed., should you consider buying Tsushima, 1905 2nd ed.?  We think the answer is a resounding "yes".  While continuing to employ the Battleship Captain system, several new optional rules have been provided, including some minor tweaks to game tables, that are more specifically addressed to pre-dreadnought naval combat. To give but one example, fire ratings at Long range are now halved and rounded down instead of rounded up, as in standard Battleship Captain.  Plus, all ship ratings have undergone a thorough review, with many ships having ratings modified up or down just a bit.  This can particularly be seen with ships having Harvey armor. While you can still use Tsushima, 1905 2nd ed. with the ship ratings provided in Battleship Captain Warship Counters, 1890-1945, these new counters and ratings will be welcome for those who appreciate a focus on pre-dreadnought era combat.

Samples below show warship facsimile counters from the new book, but the book's Table of Contents, and Index.  Weighing in at 122 pages, Tshushima, 1905 2nd ed. contains full standard rules, advanced rules, optional rules, ship counter facsimiles, game tables, enhanced designer's notes, historical notes,ship (photo) gallery, seven scenarios, Russo-Japanese War campaign game, national fleet tables for generating your own scenarios, enhanced game examples, and more.

                    Main Guns/Fire Level             Year   Type  Country

Stern Fire                                                                               Bow Fire

​     Name
                                           Broadside Fire         Speed - Armor

                Facsimile counter size:  approx. 2.5" x 5/8th inch

Tsushima, 1905 2nd ed. SHIP SET

Available for purchase separately is a cardstock set of all the ship counters included in the book, for those who prefer physical counters provided for them.  Also includes color Reference Card, and set of colored damage markers.
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